F002 → Confusions
Experimental Dance | 13’ | 4K DCP | 1:85 | Netherlands | 2023

Confusions are a series of technical experiments with raw video signals that started from a collaboration with performer Noemi Calzavara. During our shared residency at TENT in Rotterdam, we were both intrigued by humans curiosity to experience the world through non-human bodies and senses. How would the world feel and look like? Blending our expertises in dance and cinema, we explored non-human embodiments through a series a technical experiments. One of the results was visually unique and intriguing. By mismatching the camera signal with the encoding format, we changed how images were made in real-time. For example, adjusting focus significantly affected both colors and shapes of Noemi’s body. The powerful vibrancy of the images eventually confused colors and forms into a unique aesthetic of interconnections.

The project, commissioned by Time Window and hosted by TENT, was presented publicly as a performance and installation.

Director: Ugo Petronin
Cinematographer: Ugo Petronin
Choreographer: Noemi Calzavara
Dancer: Noemi Calzavara

I am further exploring the technique by applying it through a microscope. Below are some recent tests I made with an Olympus BH2 microscope.