F004 → Abiding
Experimental | 5’ | 35mm to DCP | 16:9 | Netherlands | 2019

Abiding is a unique, experimental hybrid animation made from a single 35mm photograph. The image was made with a shutterless camera, allowing continuous exposure of the entire film roll. This method bypasses traditional film and photography techniques that rely on fragmentation processes. Instead, it embraces the flowing quality of light and life.

Abiding challenges our usual way of seeing, thinking, and making images. We often fragment experiences into smaller, more manageable pieces. This animation invites us to embrace a more fluid understanding of the world, where confusion and blurs become integral to the experience. It's a reminder that our perception isn't always clear-cut. Our inherent desire to control things through fragmentation might not always be the best way to experience the constant flow of movement and change that makes us. Ultimately, Abiding is an invitation to a gestural understanding of the world achieved through its unique image creation process. 

Abiding received a special mention Fascination at Jilhava International Documentary Film Festival from Tate Modern Film curator Andrea Lissoni and artist Carlos Casas. 

Director: Ugo Petronin
Cinematography: Ugo Petronin
Production: Piet Zwart Institute / Willem De Kooning Academy
Distribution: EYE International, Doc Alliance FIlms, Blink Video.

Festival Selections: Oberhausen, Kasseler Dokfest, Jihlava, IFFR, IndieLisboa, GoShort, EYE on Art, RPM, Pleinbioscoop (...)

Institutions Presentations: EYE Film Museum, Goethe Institute Rotterdam, KUUB Gallery, Yamagata University, Yale University, Boston University.